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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10MCO DEF 9320 - Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementDept of Commerce
2021-10MCO DEF 9420 - Risk Management and Forex ManagementDept of Commerce
2021-10MCO OE 9720 - Personal Financial PlanningDept of Commerce
2020-11MCO-9118- Direct Tax PlanningDept of Commerce
2020-11MCO-9218- Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceDept of Commerce
2020-11MCO-9618- Competitive AssesmentDept of Commerce
2023-04MCO0120- Startup Management_PG_4th Sem_2023Dept of Commerce
2023-04MCO0220- Merchant Banking and Financial Services_PG_4th Sem_2023Dept of Commerce
2022-12MCO7120- Financial Reporting and Standards_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Commerce
2023-12MCO7120- Financial Reporting and Standards_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2023Dept of Commerce
2022-12MCO7220-Business Marketing_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Commerce
2023-12MCO7220-Business Marketing_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2023Dept of Commerce
2022-12MCO7320- International Business_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Commerce
2023-12MCO7320- International Business_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2023Dept of Commerce
2022-12MCO7420 _Personal Finance_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Commerce
2023-12MCO7420 _Personal Finance_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2023Dept of Commerce
2022-12MCO7520 – Organisational Behaviour_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Commerce
2023-12MCO7520 – Organizational Behaviour_PG_1st Sem_Dec-2023Dept of Commerce
2023-04MCO8120 – Strategic Cost Management_PG_2nd Sem_2023Dept of Commerce
2023-04MCO8320- Operation Research_PG_2nd Sem_2023Dept of Commerce