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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04SO 415 - Introduction to Social ResearchDept of Sociology
2017-04SO 415 - Introduction to Social Research ADept of Sociology
2017-04SO 415 - Introduction to Social Research BDept of Sociology
2022-07SO 418 - Elements of Social ResearchDept of Sociology
2019-08SO 5112 - Social Problems with Special Reference to IndiaDept of Sociology
2021-10SO 5118 - Current Social Issues and Debates in IndiaDept of Sociology
2019-08SO 5212 - Rural Development - EPSDept of Sociology
2021-10SO 5218 - Issues and Challenges in Village IndiaDept of Sociology
2020-11So 5218- Issues and Challenges in Village India (Only EPS Class)Dept of Sociology
2019-08SO 5312 - Sociology of Gender - IESDept of Sociology
2019-10SO 5312- Sociology of GenderDept of Sociology
2021-10SO 5318 - Sociology of IdentityDept of Sociology
2020-11So 5318- Sociology of Identity (Only IES Class)Dept of Sociology
2022-07SO 6118 - Introduction to Social ThoughtDept of Sociology
2017-04SO 6212 - Sociology of Industrial SociologyDept of Sociology
2022-07SO 6218 - Sociology of Work and OccupationDept of Sociology
2017-04SO 6312 - Sociology of CityDept of Sociology
2022-07SO 6318 - Sociology of Urban spaces (with special reference to Bengaluru)Dept of Sociology
2022-07SO OE - Characteristics of Indian SocietyDept of Sociology
2017-04SO OE 4116 - Characteristics of Indian Society ADept of Sociology