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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10BA 1121 - Financial AccountingDept of Management
2021-10BA 1221 - Business EconomicsDept of Management
2021-10BA 1321 - Business ManagementDept of Management
2022-07BA 2121-BASF 2121 - Quantitative Methods and Techniques for Business DecisionsDept of Management
2022-07BA 2221- BASF 2221 - Human Resource ManagementDept of Management
2022-07BA 2321 - Corporate AccountingDept of Management
2021-10BA OE 01 - Business EnvironmentDept of Management
2021-10BA OE 02 - Personal Branding & LeadershipDept of Management
2022-07BA OE 03 - Event ManagementDept of Management
2022-07BA OE 04 - Tourism ManagementDept of Management
2021-10BA SF 1121 - Financial AccountingDept of Management
2021-10BA SF 1221 - Business EconomicsDept of Management
2021-10BA SF 1321 - Financial Planning & PerformanceDept of Management
2022-07BA SF 2321 - Financial ReportingDept of Management
2021-01BA Visual Communication VC 1218 Theories of Visual CommunicationDept of Visual Communication
2022-12BA1121 BASF1121-Financial Accounting_UG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Management
2022-12BA1221 BASF1221 – Business Economics_ UG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Management
2022-12BA1321-Business Management_UG_1st Sem_Dec-2022Dept of Management
2023-04BA2121 BASF2121 BA2221 BASF2221- Human Resource Management_UG_2nd Sem_2023Dept of Management
2023-04BA2121 BASF2121- Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions_UG_2nd Sem_2023Dept of Management